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I wanted to write a quick concurrence as a further extrapolation to some of Ken’s writings over at redefining god blog.

Ken has written several article posts recently addressing the new “Beast” financial system, and the massive psy-op mind control campaign that is behind it. He is right on in my opinion on just about every account and summation he has written in this regard.

While reading Ken’s most recent post yesterday regarding his dissemination of the Canauzzie’s propaganda post, this point really stood out to me:

By the way, the creation of 10 “kingdoms” is in keeping with Biblical prophecy the Satanists are trying to fulfill.

He also included a very nice map illustration as a reference here:

“A new Globalist monetary system is coming with administration centers and hierarchies in the 10 UN development zones“…

…On a side note, this map shows you why they’re trying so hard to break Japan; it’s included with the “developed nations” such as the US, all of which must be debased according to their plan.

He is also referring to these 10 UN development zones when he says, “A balanced Council of Regional Superpowers is being developed, with flexible Capital support to maintain the needs and integrity of the regions in harmony with an emerging new and coordinated world.”

The reason this section of Ken’s article really stood out for me, is because during communications with –daniel, and the extensive research he has put into his informative papers; I mentioned this “10 Kingdoms” reference to him today, and asked if he recalled any corroborating biblical or ancient texts references to this. And sure enough, he did!

Here is some interesting information daniel passed along to me about this during my discussion with him.

daniel’s quotes and references in blue italics:

The reference is probably 10 kings. Of course, kings have dominion over king-doms.

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” (Rev. 17:12-13)

You should read that section of the Bible, with what you now know. It goes on…

“And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

Note that the beast has 10 horns–the 10 kings/kingdoms growing off the beast, that will eventually HEAL the beast.

BTW, “whore” doesn’t translate to that… it’s more like peasant/barbarian.

Of course, these various 10 horned beast cabals sure do hate us muggles! Apparently they only want us to cook and clean for them, and they want fewer and fewer around! So  we’ve got the 10-horned beast that is devouring the world, and the only sickness it really has is “indigestion“, from glutinous greed–that will go away, once the feast is over!

I don’t know if you noticed the “Rome” reference in the last paper, which is used to name the domain of the NWO… it comes from the Roman name for the empire, Orbis Terrarum–which does not mean Italy, but the “Circle of the Earth” — the entire planet!

You can find similar references in all the cultural mythos, from the:

  • 10 Kingdoms of China,
  • 10 Lost Tribes of Israel,
  • the 10 Tribes of South America, etc.

Everybody  wants to build 10 kingdoms… even the US is divided into 10 FEMA regions, and the first digit of your SSN is a region designator (0-9 = 10 regions).

To follow in their masters foot steps, these Noble/Elitist/Cabal types are all following the same playbook, handed down from their “crowned” masters of milenia ago. The “Beast” is the paper on the map that covers the world; the 10 horns are the regions/sectors.

Anybody ever notice the symbolism of “crowns” that elite royalty wear? This is to mimic their noble Saurian antecedent gods who had a crest of “horns” capping their heads.

So, its extremely relevant here that regardless of how this new “Beast” financial system is being peddled to the muggles! Ken is hitting the nail on the head in his warnings that this whole thing is part of their plan, and the “Good East”, is just another 10 horned Beast stepping up to the trough!

Its all there as they say-  “the Writing’s on the Wall“…

Thanks a lot daniel for helping to shed some more light on this, and thanks also to Ken for getting this kind of message out there!

Are you your OWN UnCommitted Investigator?

From the forum, user “infinity” makes some great points and introspection’s:

I would imagine that all honest people working towards the common good of our race would appreciate and even invite questioning because they would not want to hide anything, they would want to get their facts as accurate as possible, and they would want to adapt to anything new they learn in order to get closer to their end-result goals of making a positive impact on humankind.

I’ve always questioned daniel but not with the purpose of doubting in the credibility of his findings but with the purpose of trying to make a picture of what exactly is going on. We all have different perspectives, experiences, and ways of getting to answers. The more angles we cover a subject with, the clearer the picture. I would say daniel is pretty good at showing different angles of a picture. My questioning is usually with regard to a single angle here or there but no amount of questioning changes what’s really going on.

DW seems to focus on certain angles of the same picture that others do not feel comfortable with. In fact, some of those angles, we would even think of as blindspots, not perspectives. But perhaps if we’ve been in DW’s shoes, walked his walk, we would understand him better. What we say and do isn’t always a product of the here and now, but more often it is our past that is speaking and acting out in the present. I’ve found a lot of practical value from what I’ve learned from DW, and what I can’t use, I simply don’t pay attention to much. However valid or invalid his angle is. The only stuff that matters is what has practical use to us.

I think we all share an ideal, and that ideal is the tangible achieved maturity of the human race. We might not agree on how to get there, or what we need to get there, but we know for a fact that we can only do it:

1. Together
2. With open eyes and open minds
3. With work

Its interesting to me that even anyone that buys into some external savior or some big event, are always doing stuff to try to improve themselves – like meditating. But only being focussed on self is dangerous, we know where that leads.

But there’s a very fine difference between fluffy pink unicorns riding on rainbows and practical idealism. In practical idealism (which I understand daniel applies?), one looks at endless possibilities(goals, ideals), looks at what stops us from achieving them (obstacles), looks at how to achieve them(pathway), and does something about it. And as soon as anyone does something about anything, they find that no one can do it alone.

Practical idealism sets a vision on the future but realizes that cooperation is key – and everything required to make cooperation work.

A proper philosophy is one of understanding dependence and its place (like children growing up), understanding independence and its place (a mature adult), and understanding interdependency and its place (e.g. a family, organization, group working together).

Inproper understanding of dependence leads to irresponsibility and abdication of one’s willpower and ability to contribute (like how religion enslaves people), inproper understanding of independence leads to self-centered thinking and in the extreme violent rebellion. Interdependence isn’t understood when perverted into co-dependence where there is just a constant down-spiral.

I don’t think DW is at a stage where there’s inproper understanding of anything of the above. Yes many of us feel that there’s a lot more practical value that DW can contribute, but in the end, he is contributing, he is helping, and he’s working hard to do it. In the end, its people’s own responsibility to know where to draw lines and when to move on to something more useful for them in their personal journey. But many people aren’t ready for that yet and DW is a great source of food for those people.

Even myself I’m struggling to digest some of the stuff here. I like to hear facts and new perspectives on things, but I need hope more. If it feels like something takes away my hope, I really dislike it. But its important to know when my hope is in something false, because there’s only one thing worse than having no hope – and that’s putting hope in something false. Unfortunately, one cannot discover false hope without the willingness to lose and let go of that hope.

How many people are ready for that? If we’ve even got people here that feels like this, imagine the masses. Its too much to handle.

Hope sells better. Especially easy hope.

But its harder to sell a hope thats not easy. Its harder to sell hope in cooperation. Hope in rapport.

The reason we can’t progress as a human race without rapport is because we are interdependent in many ways. But how many humans even understand interdependence? How many humans will have the ability to recognize what the point of rapport is? Most humans simply want to focus on independence. On freedom.

“don’t sell me hope if i have to work for it, because that implies I’m not independent. I want to be independent.”

We have a long way to go to our golden age. I don’t think its around the corner anymore.


god said

New World Religion

Introducing daniel’s new paper of:

New World Religion-

Enslaving the Human Spirit with a Blue Beam

Part 2 of the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens

god said

Send in the Clowns (Posse)

I decided to write this short intro as daniel’s next paper is published for all to see. This is one of my favorites so far because its written so well, is funny, and has very little ‘tech talk” in it which makes it really comprehensible to us lay persons.

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but one thing that stands out to me is that nearly everything I interact with today whether its media, internet articles, videos, interviews, tv,etc…is so blatantly wrong! For me, this is because it all has a huge gaping (w)HOLE that is missing! I call this gaping (w)hole, the missing “half” of all context.

I say this because everything we come into interaction with is tainted, flawed, and perverted with only “half” of the correct information or context. So really, its only “half” of the whole.

The missing half of the context I am talking about is the fundamental thing that daniel writes about in all of his papers, the aspect of Motion that exists as the basis of all physics, and that Motion is the reciprocal interaction of Time and Space. Together!

So whats the problem? Everything we interact with is based only in the context of Space, and does not acknowledge or comprehend that Time is the other half of reality. What I mean is, time and space work together in unison to create the “whole” of reality” as motion. Each is “half of the whole”, which is why everything we know is wrong! (from the main stream point of view) Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with recognizing Space for what it is and its role in the whole of reality, but the problem arises when the universe is defined without the other “half of the whole”, which is Time.

Its a wonder why more people aren’t awakened to this deception. Why is everyone just walking along clueless like the poor chump in the cartoon above, oblivious to the missing half of reality? Well, that’s the kicker! This is being done quite intentionally so you won’t trip and fall into the gaping (w)hole of your own awareness!

You see, when you deny Time and its role in universal reality, you also deny and prohibit access to all the things that exist within time. One very important aspect that exists in time, is your extra sensory perceptions (ESP) of psychic ability. The NWO/NWR  have great fear that you will discover this missing aspect of your ability.

Why? Because access to your temporal existence and psychic abilities would transcend any mind control, or deception that anyone or any ET could attempt to control you with.

In a couple of days I will write a Part 2 to this intro about the missing half of Time, and include a table cheat sheet I am working on that helps me remember several underlying contexts that usually evade most people.

Without further ado, here is daniel’s great new paper of:

Q&A for Geoengineering paperNew World Religion (Phoenix III, Daniel)

New World Religion-

Enslaving the Human Spirit with a Blue Beam

Part 2 of the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens

The Dark vs. Light Con, and the Kingdom of the False God

re-posted from Redefining God Blog

Why must I choose a side…

…when I’d rather just walk away from both of them?

Yesterday morning, I came across an entry about another supposed Illuminati escapee, John Todd. John, like the other escapees I’ve heard of (Svali, Carolyn Hamlett, etc.), offered some interesting insights into “the Order” and its operations. But also like the others, he did something that gave me pause: he fled the Family and “ran to Jesus.” In effect, he jumped from the dark polarity of Luciferianism/Satanism straight into the false-light polarity of Yahwehism/Jehova-ism. If I were to imagine an agenda behind the Order sending out such members to speak publicly, it would be to establish this message of “you can escape the dark only by fleeing to the (false) light.”

And as I alluded to in my last entry, even if you flee the dark side to cross into the (false) light side of the containment pyramid…

…you are still imprisoned in the spiritual paradigm of the god of duality. Since I do not enjoy this demigod’s dramas any longer, I prefer to leave the pyramid entirely. And I suspect the door is right in the middle, at the balance point between dark and light.

Pondering this also reminds me of a passage in the most recent Montague Keen channeling

“Each one of you has a choice to make at this time. Do you go with the DARK or do you choose the LIGHT? There can be no standing in the wings. It is a big decision. The dark or the light, this is the biggest decision you will ever be asked to make, so it is important to get it right.”

So here we have another channeled trickster insisting that we have only the two structured choices that he and his ilk offer us: Will it be Dark or Light? Will you choose from Column A or Column B? What he conveniently fails to mention is that there is also a Column C: balance, unity and true freedom from the prison of duality.

Hearing “Montague Keen’s” exhortations to run to the (false) light is very reminiscent of the exhortations of the Christian preachers I encountered in my youth. They would spend a whole sermon speaking about the devil and damnation to build up a vibration of fear, foreboding and urgency, and once they’d established that emotional reaction in the congregation, they’d offer the solution: “come to Jesus.” In taking note of this, one sees the truth of the whole con game: Satan is the bogeyman established to scare sheep to the false shepherd, Jesus.

In reality, Satanism and Christianity (and many other religions) are run by the same demigod. They are different brands run by the same company in order to appeal to different demographics. Just like GM offers Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC to appeal to different sorts of car buyers, this ET/ED demigod offer Christianity, Judaism, New Ageism, and Satanism to appeal to different sorts of spirit seekers. After all, people who are good-natured would never be attracted to Satanism, and people who are ornery could never stomach Christianity. To catch all sorts of people, you need all sorts of brands.

It is really no different than the political brands that are offered here in the US. You have the Republican brand and the Democrat brand, but behind the scenes, they both work for the same Establishment. And just like car brands, each brand offers different design features…

The Republican brand offers the pro-life feature; the Democrats offer the pro-choice feature.

The Republicans offer pro-Second Amendment; the Democrats offer pro-gun control.

Republicans offer pro-austerity; Democrats offer pro-handout.

Of course, if an upstart brand such as anti-corporatism (Naderism) pops up, they attempt to fold it into the Democrat brand; if anti-taxism (TEA Party) arises, they try to fold it into the Republicans. In this manner, they funnel people into the brands they control, and they set people in opposition to each other on these divisive issues.

If you were to follow where the Democratic and Republican leaders go when their partisan combat has ended for the day, you’d find them hanging out and scheming with each other at the Masonic Hall. The same applies when it comes to Christian and Satanic leaders. So at the higher levels, the brand executives know they’re on the same team, but people at the lower levels take the branding seriously and really think they’re fighting “the other team.”

So if you are a Satanist and are taught to hate “the Nazarene,” and you’re told you will soon have the joy of bathing in Christian blood, guess what… you are being played. And if you are a Christian and are taught to resist “the Devil,” and you’re told that you will soon have the joy of watching the angels round up the evildoers, guess what… you too are being played. While you sit across from each other on the Masonic chessboard, what you don’t realize is that the same demigod has his hands up your backsides working you like puppets. Do you really want to be an ass puppet?

As each of you looks across to “your enemy,” please realize…

> That you have been set up to face each other in conflict, so you have been separated.

> That you have been locked into emotions of hostility, hatred, judgment, vengeance, distrust, etc.

> And that your point of attention has been hijacked, and you are being distracted from realizing the truth they’re hiding from you.

What is that truth, you ask?

> That God is not outside of you. You are a part of God, and so is your “enemy.”

> That your mind has been set in conflict with itself, just as God’s mind (expressed in you and your enemy) has been set in conflict with itself.

> That you must forgive your enemies, see yourself in them, and love them so you can resolve the conflict and rejoin each other in unity.

> And that by seeing the manipulations that separate you, you can move beyond them and thus move beyond this reality of conflict.

In closing, I’ll share with you a story I wrote in my old blog. I was inspired to write it after reading a false-light “bedtime story” offered by the Urantia book followers: PDF, New Window. And although it’s fiction, my story is loosely based on a true story. I hope you enjoy it….

A Demigod’s Story

Once upon a time, there was a being who had reached a high level of consciousness in the Universe. Like all beings of advanced consciousness, he faced a choice: “Shall I use my consciousness advantage over other developing beings to deceive and exploit them, or shall I use it to guide and help them?” Deciding that it would be fun to play god for a while, he decided to do the former. So he went about to all the beings he could find who gave off the vibration of confusion, and he presented himself as “the one true god” who had all the answers.

Over time, this new demigod built up quite a following, and he recruited his brightest followers to become his helpers. At one point, he pulled aside one of his most brilliant (and unprincipled) helpers and made him a proposition: “You know, not everyone we encounter wants to follow my ‘rules of righteousness.’ Some beings are just plain ornery, and I just can’t rope them into my kingdom. So why don’t you stage an insurrection and pose as an ornery demigod — a rebel — then we can suck them all in? I’ll make you the lord of all the ornery ones, and I’ll be the god of all the nice ones. And once we’ve pulled them in, if someone wants to rebel against me, they’ll come running to you, and if someone wants to escape from you, they’ll come running to me. We’ll catch them coming and going!” His helper agreed, and afterward staged a very public rebellion, becoming the “lord of darkness” within the kingdom of false light.

As the kingdom grew larger and larger, the demigod faced a problem. Since he wasn’t a real god and couldn’t command his vast kingdom by the mere power of his intention, he needed to set up a system of control. So he decided to recruit the spacefaring races within his kingdom to join a fleet to “do his will throughout physicality.” This fleet would tend to the day-to-day needs of the kingdom while he sought out new planets to assimilate. The fleet was soon dubbed “The Eclectic Aggregation of Blight,” and they gleefully donned their pastel rainbow jumpsuits and went swishing about the Universe.

Then, one day, the demigod encountered a beautiful little planet named “Earth.” The race upon the planet was still in an impressionable phase of their development, so he decided that they would be assimilated. His “special assimilation forces” were dispatched and the long process of weeding out native beliefs and substituting kingdom beliefs began. This particular race proved difficult to assimilate, however, because they had a habit of zigging when the demigod wanted them to zag. And over time, it became apparent that a new approach would be needed.

After pondering “the Earth Problem” for a while, the demigod decided to pull aside his lord of darkness and tell him, “I’m putting you in charge of this planet. I want you to go down there and recruit all the ornery folk you can find. Get them organized and maneuver them into positions of power. Once they have enough influence, have them drive the population to the point of utter exhaustion and despair. Grind them into the dirt! And at that point, I’ll send in my Eclectic Aggregation to save the day. The people will be so relieved and grateful that they’ll embrace the kingdom with zeal!” The dark lord agreed, and it was so.

Following thousands of years of maneuvering, the dark lord’s minions drove the little planet to the precipice of utter destruction. Sensing that it was time to offer the solution to the problem his dark lord had created, the demigod gathered the leaders of his spacefleet and told them, “The unconscionable rebel has vexed this poor little planet long enough! I’m dispatching you, my warriors of light, on a divine mission to free these people from his control.” Since most were unaware of the duplicity and falsity of the god they served, the Eclectic Aggregation of Blight went forth and faithfully did as they were told.

The whole situation culminated during a long-prophesied time in Earth’s history. As the Eclectic Aggregation’s ships ringed the planet, they and the Earth allies they’d been able to recruit battled it out with the dark lord’s minions. The conflict seemed to drag on and on, and the whole world held its breath in anticipation of how it would all work out.

The actual outcome proved to be quite unexpected and amazing, as the….

…To be continued…

Of course, everything I’ve written in this entry is predicated on there being an outside force (from outside of the human collective consciousness) interfering in our reality. Are there really ET/ED beings impacting us, or are they just a wetiko wet dream (self-hypnotic projections of our own collective darkness)? Since my second awakening, I have accepted the former, but I’m considering the latter as part of my current rethink of all I believe. Let’s see what happens during the rest of this year.

Till later, much love….

The Event, the Beast, and the Dinar

More here from Ken at Redefining God blog, about the New Beast Financial System, and the CLOWN POSSE slinging the snake oil about it.

If an Event should transpire, Don’t Panic…

…and know where your towel is.

Since my second awakening back in late 2009, I’ve been possessed by a feeling that something big is going to happen. Now, almost four years later, I find myself getting tired of being in a state of constant anticipation of an Event, and I am reconsidering everything that led me to such a belief. Are the Occulted Powers (OPs) really going to attempt a giant leap with their agenda, or will they continue the slow boil approach that has worked so well for them so far?

The way I look at it, the answer to this question lies in whether the woo woo side of the OPs is real or not. If there really is an ET/ED force behind the earthly “elites,” and if they really are intending to come openly upon the scene, I think a big Event is likely. After having their Illuminati minions expose their own dark doings and create a peak crisis situation, they’ll want an Event to suddenly catapult us out of that great darkness and into great (false) light. In doing so, they’re hoping the resulting massive emotional release of relief and exhilaration will overwhelm our reason and cause us to not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Just look at the world “crises” that are coming to a peak soon…

> A civil war in Egypt seems to be waiting on a trigger event to occur.
> A racial war in South Africa may be awaiting the mere unplugging of Nelson Mandela’s life support machines.
> A likely nuclear attack has occurred in Homs, Syria, which could lead to a widening of conflict in the Middle East region and beyond.
> Fukushima engineers are declaring a containment emergency and saying we might have only three weeks until a massive radioactive release into the ocean.
> The US Government has been fudging its debt numbers since May in order to remain under the legal debt ceiling, and it faces a new fiscal year on October 1. Simultaneously, politicians are threatening a government shutdown and a crashing of the old financial system by reinstating Glass-Steagall.

And this is to name but a few. So with such an overwhelming plate of ills (economic ruin, massive radioactive contamination, civil war, nuclear war) placed before us, what are we to do? Reach out for the “saviors” to come, that’s what. These crises have been deliberately engineered, because “crisis brings opportunity” to those who have agendas to sell.

“Run, RUN to the light [side of the containment pyramid] !!!”…

On the other hand, if all the woo woo stuff is just an opiate for the masses meant to distract us from a very earthly agenda carried out by a very earthly group of families, they will likely continue their incremental approach to putting their Beast System in place. By drawing out the changes in such a way that they occur over a longer span of time than the average human attention span, they slide it right by most of us. And why change something that works?

Looking at the Event question from both angles, I’ve personally decided to give it till the end of the year to play out, then I’ll change the way I look at things. Given all the signs of an impending Event I see around me, it seems premature to rule one out quite yet. And if one fails to transpire this year despite all the signs I’m seeing, then it probably will never happen. What I’m seeing might merely be lying signs put out by mass media engaging in psywar.

Going back to the Beast System I mentioned (which is what I call the rumored new financial system), it is important to note that the NSA has vowed that Beast Central (the new Utah Data Center) will be completed by the end of the fiscal year on September 30. This is another point to consider in pinpointing the timing for a possible Event. And while I know that many are hoping the new system will be the wonderful thing the Clown Posse has sold it as, I ask you to set aside their empty promises for a moment and look at the reality surrounding you…

> The OPs have embedded RFID chips in/on all corporate consumer products, including food. Here is a picture of Hitachi’s smart dust chips shown with a sugar crystal (center)…

> They have perfected the technology for embedding RFID chips in paper cash and coins.
> They have perfected the technology for embedding RFID chips in you, both through smartdust and injections…

> And they have surrounded you with networked devices to read all those RFID chips so everyone and everything can be tracked from Beast Central.

To verify that last point, just go outside and look at the smart meters, the cell phone towers, and the sensors at the intersections. Then go back inside and look at your cable box, Wi-Fi modem, gaming system, computer and mobile phone. After that, go to the store and look at the new card terminals and the biometric security cameras. We all know what these things are advertised to do, but what else can they do that is left unadvertised? Just look to the Snowden revelations to start to get the picture.

To give one real-world example, I saw this new type of card reader show up at my grocery store just recently…

…As you can see, it is equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology to talk to computer chips. So let me use it to give you an example of what life under the Beast System will eventually look like…

One day, I go to the store to buy some mangoes. Upon getting to the checkout counter, a security camera reads my face and compares it to a national biometric database, while the NFC card terminal scans the chips of my driver’s license and ATM card in my pocket. The system confirms that I am “Ken the Bastard Blogger ( KBB ),” so the NFC unit sends a signal to the smart dust I breathed in from the chemtrails or ate in my food (or to the chip that was injected in my arm during a vaccination) and they are flashed with my identity, KBB. I am now trackable wherever I go.

Since KBB is a “white Al Qaida dissident conspiracy theorist fear monger” who dares to challenge our loving government’s “truth,” a code in the Homeland Security server dictates…

No mango for you!…

As a result, I find that my debit card is declined, even though I supposedly have currency in my account. And when I try to pay with cash and coins, I find they too are declined as “counterfeit” because of “digital inconsistencies in the embedded chips.” So I ask someone else to purchase them for me, and they later get a visit from the “authorities” because the smart dust on the mangoes they bought gets tracked to KBB’s unapproved stomach. “Are you a supporter of domestic terrorists?” they ask.

So is this some dystopian paranoid nightmare? Oh yes, but it is also real. Go look at the things I asked you to look at and tell me they’re not there. They are there. What isn’t there is all the warm and fuzzy BS the Clown Posse has been promising you all this time. This isn’t about “good” secret societies saving you from bad secret societies; this is about secret society members in dark masks scaring you into the arms of their brothers and sisters in white masks. It’s about the SOSNC (Same Ol’ Sh*t, New Cycle).

All this being said, will they hand out some cash to everyone on Earth to kick off the new system? Probably, since they want every human on the Earth to accept, use and become dependent on the new system. And once everyone is fat, happy and hooked, will they start to restrict the “financial privileges” of those who don’t toe the line of ever-more-encroaching “good behavior” standards? You bet your ass they will.

For supplementary information on the Beast System, you might want to read two of my previous entries: Lightworkers, welcome to the Borg: Basel III and Total Financial Control and Another Day, Another Delay (of the new Beast Financial System).

Finally, let’s discuss the matter of the Iraqi dinar. There are lots of people out there who are thinking they’ll get rich quick with no effort because they “invested” in the war-ravaged dinar. Let’s have a closer look at that expectation….

Personally, I’ve never purchased any dinar. Whenever I would see a dinarian headline, it reminded me of the subject line of the penny stock spam emails I sometimes get, and it just seems a little too good to be true. So before I’d ever put my money into anything like that, I’d definitely look at both sides of the argument first, then do a little thinking of my own. Having done that yesterday, I’ll share with you what I found.

Upon locating a dinar selling site, I encountered this information…

“The Iraq Dinar was worth $3.22 USD (U.S. Dollars) in 1992. After the first Gulf War the Dinar dropped in value to approximately $0.30, under the U.S. Embargo. Iraq is now free to trade internationally and most of it’s international debt has been relieved. If the Iraq Dinar returns to pre-war levels of $0.30 a 1000 Dinar note would be worth $300.00!

If the Dinar returns to pre-Gulf War levels, 1,000 Dinar will be worth over $3,100.00… and experts are saying that it will, as it’s value has SKYROCKETED over the past couple of years!

The current Iraq Dinar (IQD) was introduced for a 1:1 exchange rate to new Dinars between October 2003 and January 2004 by the Coalition Provisional Authority in close consultation with financial experts from Iraq and the international community.”

And after seeking out the other side of the argument, I encountered this…

“Many dinar dealers refer to the value of the Iraqi dinar prior to the 1990 Kuwaiti invasion (1 dinar = $3+ US Dollars) as evidence that the potential for the dinar is theoretically unlimited. They don’t mention that the pre-1990 dinar has been demonetized (worthless) and that its value was arbitrarily set by an autocratic regime led by Saddam Hussein. Following the embargo, the ability for the Iraqi government to manage its currency’s value collapsed and it spent the next 10 years at 2,000 – 3,500 dinars to the U.S. Dollar [so Saddam was declaring the official value at over 3 dollars, but the money changers in the street were giving you a few thousand dinars for every dollar]

It is quite common for countries with currencies that have very low values compared to other currencies to demonetize their existing hard currency and issue new currency with new values. For example, the Venezuelans (another oil economy) demonetized the bolivar (trading at 2,150 to the USD) in 2008 and allowed currency owners to exchange 1,000 of them for 1 new bolivar. The new bolivar now trades at 2.15 to the USD.”

So when the new financial system is locked in, how will they handle the Iraqi currency? Will they go the Venezuelan route and have everyone trade in their current new dinars for new new dinars? If so, how will the value of the new new dinar compare to a new dollar? Or will they go the route of the yen and leave the dinar a non-subunitized currency worth a fraction of the US dollar? Let me explain that last question.

Although the US dollar is our basic unit of currency, it has circulated subunits (coins worth less than a dollar) as small as a penny (1/100th of a dollar). Currencies like the Japanese yen have no circulated subunits (their smallest coin is 1 yen), so it is as though they base their currency on the penny. The smallest coin currently in Iraq is the 25 dinar coin, so will the Iraqis continue to treat their currency like the Japanese treat the yen? If so, you won’t likely see a huge jump in value.

In addition to these points, let me add another: how many dinars have the banksters been cranking out to fill their own vaults and to sell to dinarians with the promise of getting rich quick? If they’ve printed a bazillion of them for themselves and others, the dinar’s future value will reflect that.

But let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and imagine that the dinarians’ dreams come true: under a new financial system where a nation’s currency is backed by the real wealth of the nation, the current new dinar gets revalued to over 3 dollars per dinar. Many dinar holders would then become rich, but at whose expense?

Since the value of the dinar was undermined by decades of Western sanctions, Western wars, and Western occupation, those who bought them at their depreciated value are war profiteers. Since the dinar represents the virtualized wealth of Iraq, your purchase of war-depreciated dinars is no different than sneaking in behind the US soldiers and taking spoils from the Iraqis’ decimated homes. You have appropriated their wealth at a fraction of its real value, just like a Rothschild would. Think about that. Is that something you want to be a part of?

So if you do get a favorable RV and become “rich,” consider all the people who were killed, maimed, and born deformed so you could get a piece of Iraq’s pie. If I were a dinarian, I would set my intention towards doing something wonderful with that wealth, and preferably in Iraq. Given my experience with my son, I’d buy a ticket to Iraq and start helping the families of kids who were born with defects due to depleted uranium exposure. I’d make sure they have a decent place to live, food to eat, and a business with which they could make a life. And I’d help as many as I could until all that’s left is the airfare back home. What would you do?

That being said, I wouldn’t hold my breath in expectation that people will go from giving 1,164 dinars for every dollar to giving only 0.3. That is a swing in value that would be beyond absurd.

In closing, do I think humanity will get through this and begin a real, non-Luciferian Golden Age? Yes, I do. When I query my heart over the future of humanity, I feel no worry at all. As to how we’ll do it, I’ve offered some suggestions in past entries, but I really don’t know how it will end up unfolding. The only thing I know for sure is that a weak and fearful mental attitude serves no one in times such as these. It is time to nut up, my beloved brothers and sisters.

When I face times of difficulty, there is a paraphrase of a passage from the Bhagavad Gita that I like to remember…

Why this lifeless dejection in this, thy hour of trial?
Throw off this ignoble discouragement
and arise like a fire that burns all before it

I send you my love….

Neil Keenan reveals his Illuminati ties

Another fantastic write up and summation from Ken at Redefining God Blog

The phrase that Ken has coined as theCLOWN POSSEis really going to catch on !  Great job Ken;)….

Yesterday, I took the time to listen to my first full Neil Keenan update, and I’m glad I did. For if you are among those who do not yet realize that the Occulted Powers are using him to spread disinformation, the information he proffered in this update should leave no reasonable doubt. Allow me show you why I say this….

To begin, let’s look at what he said starting at the 3:42 mark of his second video

When referring to the Western banking cabal, he states, “They don’t control the military and they don’t control the agencies and so on… We do have some protections. We have a militia, we have a military, a Pentagon [as he touches his nose, signaling possible deception]. We have the agencies. And I don’t think any of them are going to let these people [the Western banksters] continue to run the game.”


The central bankers took control of America’s money back in 1913, and by 1933, they bankrupted us. Who do you think built the modern American military industrial complex (which was born after the bankruptcy in World War 2)? The banksters, that’s who. And sure, there are decent and loyal people in the enlisted, NCO, and junior officer ranks of the military (I was one of them), but who do you think the U.S. Government and their bankster masters promoted to the upper officer ranks? People who would do their bidding, that’s who. That’s why the upper officer ranks spray their own troops with Agent Orange and poison them with depleted uranium, as well as do nuclear, biological and chemical warfare experiments on recruits and the general population. Hint: Officers loyal to the people would not do such things; those loyal to the Illuminati would.

Do you still have doubts that the Illuminati families control our military? Then just look at the Pentagon…

…Who do you think built it?

As for the agencies, the CIA and NSA were not put in place by Thomas Jefferson. When were they formed? Who do you think built them? And for whom do you think they work? You might want to ask former CIA Director George H.W. Bush…

As for the militia, they don’t dare come out into the open to do anything. They would be slaughtered. Federal forces have vastly superior surveillance, communication, mobility and firepower capabilities. The best the militia can do is hold their ground and fight a war of attrition if the Feds attack.

So what Keenan said in the aforementioned passage is an utterly ridiculous untruth. Does he know that or is he naive enough to believe what he said? Personally, I lean towards the former.

Let’s go on to what he said beginning at the 4:40 mark of the second video

In referring to the world’s gold, he stated…

“…Gold doesn’t belong to you; it doesn’t belong to me. OK [as he again touches his face, indicating possible deception]… It belongs to those who deposit it. It’s theirs. You can’t put your hand in it and say it’s ours. It’s not yours. It’s theirs. But they’re willing to share. They’re willing to let us use it to make a better world.”


If the gold (or any of the Earth’s other natural resources) doesn’t belong to all of Mother Earth’s children, to whom does Neil believe it belongs? To the “Qing Dynasty”? To the “Dragon Family”? If so, how does he think they took possession of it? Did the royal family members physically dig it out of the ground with their own hands? Did they provide goods and services with their own labor to trade for the gold? No, the people did. And the “royals” stole the gold from the people by force of arms and guile. Royal families (and governments) are nothing more than criminal gangs that have surrounded themselves with the trappings of respectability.

So now they’re “willing to share” what they stole from generations of their own people? How kind of them! What they’ll actually be doing, though, is merely setting out a mat called currency upon which people will build real wealth. And when wealth harvesting time comes at the end of the next cycle, they’ll pull back the mat (by pulling back on the currency supply), taking the real wealth with it (in a process we know as “repossession”). This new system is just more of the same ol’ sh*t they’ve been doing forever.

We, the people, can provide our own mats to build our wealth upon. The only reason we don’t right now is because “government” has outlawed our ability to create our own currencies. They have given the exclusive right to build mats to the banksters. But if we ignore their laws, we can create mats that the banksters cannot pull from beneath us.

Let’s continue on to what Neil said beginning at the 5:40 mark of his first video

In this section, he starts talking about the ETs, calling them “angels.” He also talks about “the Family” and how they have been around “forever.” Do you know what the Illuminati call themselves? According to supposed Illuminati escapees like Svali and Carolyn Hamlett, they call themselves “the Family” (and also “the Order”). Look here and here for their testimonies on this point, the second of which also speaks to Illuminati control of the military as well as to the true nature of the “ascended masters” and “spiritual hierarchy.”

Of course, Keenan would say that he’s not referring to “the Family” in terms of the Illuminati, but in terms of the “Dragon Family.” But where did the Dragon Family originate? As it turns out, they came from ancient Sumer, which is the same place the Illuminati families came from. So the Dragons and the Western Illuminati are not opponents; they are kin. And while there can be sibling rivalries amidst families, they tend to close ranks and cooperate when it comes to common interests (like controlling the world).

For more information on the Dragons, see my post on them or simply google…
dragon family sumer
…and you will find many pages about them. You’ll even find a clue as to why they are interested in hoarding gold. Do you think Keenan ever bothered to do a simple internet search to find out who he’s working for? What are the odds he doesn’t know?

As for the “angel” ETs, the patron entities of the Illuminati can take on whatever form suits their purposes at any given time, including beautiful forms that appear angelic and fearsome forms that can scare a quick energy snack out of a human. Taking various ET forms also poses no problem for them. What they actually are is a good question: ETs? EDs? “Demons”? “Djinn”? Whatever they are, they clearly don’t have our best interests in mind, and neither do their Illuminati minions.

Finally, let’s look at what Neil said beginning at the 3:34 mark of his first video

“But, apparently, the World Bank, the BIS and the IMF were all set up so that the West could steal. But 100 years now the West have been stealing from the… from the Family. The Family is finally catching up to ‘em.”

In this passage, he paints the Dragon Family as a bunch of innocent rubes who were taken advantage of by Western hucksters, and it took them 100 years to catch on to the con. GMAFB. Do you really think the Chinese, who are brilliant people and who dealt with the British banksters and their opium trade way back in the 18th Century, were taken by surprise by the avarice of the West? At the highest levels (among the Illuminati families), there was always collusion.

Just look to the deindustrialization of the West, particularly America, and the breakneck industrialization of China. Do you think this happened by accident or by the stupidity of the Western “elites”? No, it was their policy. It was quite deliberate, as is the chemtrailing over both Western and Eastern nations using American-built planes and Chinese-manufactured chemical compounds.

As to the whole narrative, offered by various members of the Clown Posse, that the West owes vast sums to the East, that “88% of the United States is owned by the Chinese,” and that we must therefore cede our wealth and property to the Family (so they can, in turn, “share it” with us), it is a thoroughly contrived scam. The whole idea of national debts is built upon criminal schemes and abstractions that have no basis in reality, but we are taught to accept it so we’ll accept the fate the banksters wish to deal us.

And this brings us to another problem with Keenan’s information, and it relates to something I covered in the second of my “David Wilcock and the Real NWO” entries…

“The Chinese have suffered greatly at the hands of Western imperialism, as has much of the world. As a result, the Illuminati would have trouble roping many nations into a Western-led New World Order, especially the nationalistic Chinese. Since you can’t have a truly global order without the most populous nation on Earth, the Illuminati opted to use their own legacy of destruction to their advantage. Their two-part strategy to do so is as follows:

1 – They set up a China-centered alliance as an opposing force to the Western alliance.
This part of the strategy was hinted at in the mainstream press in this 2002 UPI article, titled “China Wants Its Own ‘New World Order’ To Oppose US Version.” It is common practice for the Cabal to use opposing forces to achieve their ends, and they always make sure they have influence or control over both sides.

2 – They have been driving the world public into the hands of the Chinese alliance.
How have they approached this, you ask?

> They have widely publicized a heinous New World Order planned by the Western Powers while simultaneously publicizing a benign New World Order planned by China and its allies (thus establishing danger from one side and safety from another).

> They have instigated outrageous and provocative action, both economic and military, by the Western powers (this adds a new insight into the open-for-all-to-see Wall Street / City of London criminality and recent Western military boondoggles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria).

> They have broadly exposed damaging information about Western nations, especially the US. This is the motivation behind WikiLeaks, Snowden, and a thousand smaller disclosures. And after Snowden outed the NSA’s activities to the general public, where did he run to hide? First to China (Hong Kong), then to Russia. So what is the psychological message? China and Russia (the BRICS alliance) is where you run for safety from the evil US, its Western allies, and all their horrible behavior.”

You can see Keenan and other propaganda mouthpieces following this script of bashing the West and beatifying the East. Consider this Canauzzie entry. It can be summed up as follows:

The West = evil thieves out to steal and destroy
The East = innocent angels out to save humanity
…and ending with…
“Where are the vast Chinese funds loaned and not redeemed? Does America Redeem – or Renege? [on the imaginary debt the banksters have created with their paper schemes]

The various members of the Clown Posse crew (Keenan, Fulford, Poof/Zap, Wilcock, etc.) are either willingly or unwittingly taking part in this propaganda effort to sell you on the ideas that will lead you to accept the real New World Order. But what are they selling you, really? An overhauled hierarchical system of government, more centrally-controlled currency, and a new religion based on the teachings of the “ascended masters” of the Illuminati. It is nothing but fascism with a smiley face and angel wings.

Getting back to Neil Keenan, though, allow me to summarize…

> He openly admits to working for the “Family” / “Dragons” and I have shown you that these names refer to the Illuminati / Sumerian bloodlines.

> He is openly telling you that the Earth’s gold, which was mined by the Earth’s people, does not belong to us; it belongs to the Dragons / Illuminati.

> He is openly participating in the “West is bad / East is good” propaganda effort the Illuminati are using to set up their Chinese-fronted New World Order.

> He is clearly speaking an untruth in saying that the Pentagon / Pentagram and the Illuminati bankster intelligence agencies are on our side.

> He is now openly talking of “ET” intervention to “help us,” but are these interventionist ETs really “good guys” or just the Illuminati’s bosses coming down to establish direct rule over the New World Order that has been prepared for them?

“Here come the ‘angels’ in the capstone, floating down to help us!”…

Noting all these things begs the following questions: Is Keenan knowingly and willingly participating in this fraud? Or is he merely believing the lies his insiders are telling him and passing them along thinking they’re truth? I cannot speak to his personal character or motivations; I can only note that the information is faulty.

So if you are among those who have not yet seen the Keenan information for what it really is, how much more is it going to take? I realize how difficult it is to admit to being scammed and to give up on something you really, really want to be true. But if you cannot admit to yourself when you’re wrong, you cannot grow. And we need every conscious being we can muster if we are going to bypass the trap the Illuminati have prepared for us.

Beloved brother/sister, please wake up.

With love always….

The Parties Now Ending for the Cabal

from Canauzzie Blog

The Forbidden City : China


Marching Samurai Warriors : Japan


Rich Culture and History




Broke Fascism
The Village Criminal Idiots


Ruining a Prideful Nation


  • So Many Cynical and Ruthless Betrayals of our Trusting World Happen on YOUR Watch.
  • Our World of Nations is So Far Apart, Divided in Confusion and Conflict.
  • We need to reconcile your human aspirations with hard reality.
  • Understand some of the real “Big Picture” complexities and our Global Political inter dependencies in the human Zoo. How bad are things? Do we have a potential resolution? Yes! But -What are the realities?

One World of Nations 
Exclusive, 26 July 2013

Life and societies are evolving so rapidly, unless we make the conscious efforts necessary to keep abreast of not just national, but Global events, you will all be left behind. We need to be aware of changing roles, both as individuals and as nations. Earth is now a Global village. The concept of a nation is a myth for tyrannical abuse. Every person, YOU, is their own Sovereign Person, so why do we need nations? You are your own nation of being! To be as one integral Soul, with all your Sovereign Rights entailed as accorded. Man needs to educate, transcend beyond ignorance, and evolve as our time comes, to understanding our Global realities, to achieve true awareness, then to address them as a Family of Man collective. We all need and need to respect, each other.

People are all life forms existing and co depending upon the collective Global contributions of all.

We are just a few seconds away by phone or email from affecting events anywhere, or feeling the impact of change by ignorance. Time waits for no man. Nor do opportunities.

The world as we know it, is dividing into Regional Trading Communities, principally tied to Hemispheres and availability of resources both as Mineral and Human. But even more changing Political alliances are lost and gained. Once excluded, it’s hard to recover. Burgeoning populations bring new demands and require both National Building and Infrastructure Planning to cope with 21st Century demands. Energy, Minerals and Water will be competed for.

Most Western Leadership is inept, Low Class Political Snake Oil parties with experiences of nothing. Enriching them, impoverishing you! Political Office is a great privilege, to serve with humility and commitment. Not as rampant Pigs at the trough fulfilling greed.

Religions are becoming increasingly exposed and attendances decline as belief levels change. Education has expanded the consciousness of nations, with rising Peasant populations no longer gullible or naïve. Ignorance is no longer the Opiate of the masses, as it becomes increasingly obvious that most Political Leaders major are inept, exposed as Naked Emperors.

 Protesters against sexual abuse, location: Vatican
Indonesians Rally on May Day
Monsanto protests around the globe

The Vatican even worse, as the Shrouds are lifted, their mysticism and lies exposed. Their Inquisition tortured brutally, mass murdered and protected Child Molesters and Deviants, as it does to this day, with no Global redress. This Vatican is a truly Monstrous Institution, guilty of the worst Genocide over many centuries, cloaked in a false religion. Apostles of Hell are no guides for the Souls of your children. True God is in the hearts and Souls of all of us. The Entity has not appointed these Deviants to keep watch on humanity, ensconced in their Rome Homosexual Private clubs. It’s time to look in at this vile regime and its litany of Global crimes so truth speaks its name.

Politicians and Military entities with their Masonic Memberships, and appointees of the Knights of Malta manipulate power, as do the Zionist and Texan mafias. Crime rules and crime for them, pays. But not for you, you only fund it.





Bankers gather for a meeting

These Clowns play with YOUR Markers at the Poker Table of Life, and when they lose so often, who are their Mugs picking up the tabs? Look at their privileged Expense Accounts, Allowances and Pensions. You don’t even come close. Mongrel packs are scavenging nations.

Your entire Life’s Deducted Contributions for Retiree Benefits., paid for by YOU, all wasted. Contributing workers who have paid in should retire on c$3,500 a month State pension alone. With any Private Pensions contributed also as extra funding on top. But, it’s all gone. Used elsewhere by their Fraud! Lost!  

THEY blew YOUR future, but never their own.




Like Detroit, it’s all coming home, and down. 
These little Nero’s fiddle as Rome (the US) Burns!



To even have a worthwhile future, let alone to ensure one for your children, society needs to wake up, shape up and work together for change. Social Welfare and State Job dependent employees will have no function or place in the NWO ethos tracking down on the entire planet. NWO IS Global and well entrenched. Mass De Populating will become reality. Including many State jobs will go as they will no longer be needed. At some stage, as the Monetary Systems are redefined, the “Useless Eaters” as defined by Bush 41 and the Tri Lateral commission, will be addressed as a reality issue. Thinking needs to change. On both sides. Wealth has to be created by work and production. Unemployment levels are way too high and totally unsustainable. If a country does not produce wealth, it cannot pay out.


Trilateral Grand Masters


Trilateral Players

In many nations haste to accrue wealth, new fast emerging Third World industries are wreaking havoc with ecology and the very life chain of our planet. Increased mercury and anther toxins are discharged as industrial effluent into our seas. They are absorbed by the Tuna shoals we eat worldwide, with the carcinogenic effects that will develop. As we pollute and poison the earth, as we destroy the Rain forests, as we destroy the atmosphere, we set in motion consequential realities.

Man has become mass ignorant, seeking solace only in short term material pleasures, with reduced focus on family values, or spiritual awareness. America has become the Principal Drug Using nation, seeking solace in a Fix, not a solution. Don’t use your mind to seek answers, just blow it on drugs is the Mantra. The mass brain cell destruction as it builds up is the payback. Now they even target the school children, hook them young. Afghanistan Opium production is sky high as the Agency cashes in, and Taliban riches fund their weapons to kill more of our kids. Bankers rub their hands in the Counting Houses.

What happened to the ethics of Leadership, protecting the moral values of a great society? For a community espousing such strong core family values, why is the Jewish Media control of Hollywood spewing out so much gratuitous and depraved filth? It needs to tone it down, and find responsibility. Why poison our children’s minds? What happened to freedom of the press? What happened to truth?

Many of us are dedicated to rebuilding a strong America and also a new world. Not only for the Me, Me, Me attitudes of grasping America with its voracious War Mongering Cabal, but for all nations we share this planet with. We all need each other. We can achieve so much more together. Also to help create an end to tensions and needless hostilities if we can all help reach out for a Global accord.

One million children meditate for peace, Thailand

Look at the site response to date as it grows monthly. How many wish to contribute towards Nation Building, towards ecology, towards health care projects? We raised a banner. Real Patriots flocked to it. What really impressed us, were YOU! Your responses flooded in. The difference YOU can make. Willing, responsible people are there waiting to help. With you, it can work.

Cases of Federal Reserve Bonds
Federal Reserve Bonds

Chinese Elders loaned vast amounts to America to protect the country and help the nation build. Those funds were brought in by good, caring American Patriots. They have been betrayed. China has been betrayed. That money is long overdue for redemption. Defaulting is unacceptable conduct. The release of those funds will help us rebuild America and other nations. It was never for the Cabal nor Political family theft or misuse. America owes China vast Trillions. Now! Those funds released back to where they are owed, will allow funds to build Infrastructure, to build communities, to develop Education, to build Hospitals. Default is a shameful DISGRACE. It’s not YOUR money Cabal. Give back what you owe!

Japan is owed vast amounts in Bonds now well overdue. The same game continues. Lies and disinformation is applied to avoid paying back what is due to trusting Sovereign Nations ruthlessly lied to and betrayed. Deals dishonored.

Operation Golden Lily

Indonesia and Taiwan are owed Trillions. The Philippines are owed the same. Marcos was set up and looted blind. The Black Eagle Trust, various versions of the 5 Star Trust and its many Aliases, have run, laundered and defrauded Trillions. Pureheart is another story of Agency duplicity waiting to be told, as its convicted criminal ex CIA leader with his false ID name change hides in a CIA Safe House and another front man is left marooned out of site in Bangkok. Vast Trillions have been looted and frankly, squandered in an orgy of egos. Shadow Governments and Agencies, elected by and accountable to no one have systematically destroyed the world economies and heritage. They have ruthlessly removed all those in their way. 


From Eisenhower and Kennedy upwards, any Leaders of conscience saw and warned of the sheer extent of penetration, control and wanton waste of this vast Shadow Government of an unelected, answerable to no one Military Industrial Cabal, with its Agencies, layers of waste, self-allocating single purpose contracts for Contractors to rip off State Budgets and wage war on the planet with no Congressional approval or oversight. They have sat like Titans, squandered and depleted the capital liquidity of the nations and almost bankrupted the planet in an orgy of waste and egos. From their Tri Lateral Commissions, to their Private Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Zionist controlled mafia bank, corruption has been perpetuated for decades. Now the reality check of this bloated whale is coming home. Can’t pay! Like Madoff, they have tail spun their Ponzi scam as far as they can get it. Now it’s panic stations. They brainstorm how to perpetuate their lies further as they become ever more compound in debt. Truth is ugly, as is the reality. But, America as a nation has not been raised on reality, but a false era and flag to coerce and enslave a nation while their liberties and futures were exploited as IRS Slaves and Farm Stock assets of the United States Corporation. Today, most are still clueless of the loss of their Sovereignty.

Federal Reserve Bank of New york gold vault doors

The Military Industrial Cabal have usurped their positions, squandered the riches of the Empire, and failed to address the most basic commercial realities of Nation Building. For them, the party is over now. Wars cost. America can no longer fund them as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E Dempsey is now warning. The costs are unsustainable with no determinate futures. Global Policing is simply not feasible for a single nation.

  • Iraq is now appealing to both the UN and IMF to get its Sovereign currency restored. Many American cross investors wait in ever greater desperation for the lifeline that will bring.
  • Where have the vast Trillions looted from Global escapades gone to? Where are all the Filipino / Japanese Gold holdings? Who has benefited?
  • Where are the vast Chinese funds loaned and not redeemed?
  • The world now sits at a cross roads waiting.
  • Does America Redeem – or Renege? Which?
  • The clock ticks…..

Finding Realistic Hope for Humanity’s Future

Another good one from Ken’s blog at Redefining God

I have inserted a few comments in blue in the beginning below that I feel are complimentary to Ken’s primary point.

Why are they looking up to this stone-hearted white idol to solve their problems……instead of looking to each other?

This first sentence and image above are very important and speak directly to the foundational premise illustrated in the very namesake of Ken’s blog of “Redefining God”; but also the direct, and engrained tendency of “MAN” to constantly keep himself “Looking Up” and surrendering his sovereignty to an “external authority” figure or group. There are many such figures and groups that have been purposely introduced to fit this role such as Governments, Gods, ALL Religions, and religious leaders of the priestly caste,etc… Really ANY hierarchical structure that has top down leaders that ‘RULE” over those below them. 

This is about Sovereignty as a Species, not Nations. If humans want to be acknowledged, respected, and seen throughout the cosmic community as a responsible and sovereign race; then we need to stop acting and wishing to be slaves via this constant submission and externalized “give away” of our sovereign authority to others perceived as “above”.  Stop looking “up” to saviors and masters, and we will take the biggest step towards sovereignty.

In the aftermath of my recent entries, there are some who have been left a bit deflated. The idols to which they were looking for salvation have crumbled before their eyes, and the false hope that buoyed their hearts has dissipated like the hot air it always was. But there is no need to fret. Releasing false hope, which can lead us to a fall, is necessary in order to free our arms to embrace real hope. And real hope provides us with the inspiration and motivation needed to achieve victory. So today I thought I’d take a break from poking holes in hopium bubbles and share what I personally consider to be real hope.

Let me start by answering two common questions I’ve received from readers…

“Ken, are you saying there are no ‘good guys’?”

Of course there are good guys! They just aren’t in the high-up places many have been looking. I really don’t know how this rumor that there are good people in the top positions of the earthly hierarchies managed to gain any traction. When it comes to major governments, corporations and intelligence agencies, there are two kinds of people who make it to the top echelon:

1 – Those who are placed there by powerful behind-the-scenes forces. Such people are typically from the Illuminati and their server families.

2 – Those who are the most cunning, money-lusting, power-hungry sharks in the pool. And they are allowed into the top positions only if they sell their souls a dozen times over.

This is so because the Cabal realizes that you don’t need to fill a hierarchical organization with your own people to control it; you need only occupy the top spots. Since everyone in the organization follows the dictates of the people above them, you need only a few people at the head of the hierarchy to steer any organization in the direction you want it to go. Decent, patriotic people tend to be concentrated and compartmentalized in the lower and middle levels (where they face a glass ceiling).

That being said, are there any “useful idiots” who might belong to a “white brotherhood” and believe they are working for the good of humanity placed into high positions? Sure, I can see that happening. And that’s where some of the “white hats / white knights” might come from. They simply do not realize that their higher-ups are feeding them noble-sounding BS justifications for the policies they are helping to implement. And they don’t understand that the Right Hand which pulls their strings is on the same puppet master as the Left Hand that pulls their opponents’ strings.

So if you want to see good guys / good gals, stop looking up to the Clown Posse / White Hats / White Knights and start looking sideways at each other. The key to our salvation lies in disconnecting from the self-serving strangers-on-high and reconnecting with our neighbors (or finding new neighbors we want to connect with).

“Ken, do you see any hope for humanity?”

Of course I do! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t spend my time and energy writing these articles; I’d just do the things I like to do until the end. But my hope comes from a different place than listening to Poof/Zap, Fulford, the OPPT, etc. And that being said, I will share the things that give me hope for our future, and they begin with something I call…

The Awareness Effect

Since I started regular blogging back in 2010, a number of scenarios involving planned mischief by the Cabal have arisen that set off my internal alarm bells. As a result, I posted alerts and calls to meditation and prayer, as did a great many of my awakened brothers and sisters. And as the event horizons for those scenarios passed, most of them didn’t manifest. This left me wondering, “Is my intuition giving me false alarms, or is the awareness and counter-intent of the awakened community forestalling these events?” I currently lean towards the latter explanation.

Looking back at two recent scenarios that concerned me, the Adam Kokesh open-carry march and the Trayvon Martin race war gambit, I sensed a real intent by the Cabalists to stir up big trouble. But bloggers and commenters all over the world saw these things coming from a mile away and put out the word far and wide. And both events have (so far) fizzled. Of course, we can also thank other Cabal activities (such as medicating the public with antidepressants and fluoride, distracting them with various entertainments such as TV and sports, and desensitizing them with endless “crises” for decades) for making us too zombified to get overly upset.

Back in the day, the Illuminists could run years of predictive programming, carry out an event, and issue some BS cover story with virtual impunity. These days, the second they try to start the predictive programming phase, people all over the world immediately suss out their plans and spread the word. As a result, their manipulation playbook is now wide open for all to see, and it is therefore outmoded. Without their magician’s tricks, what are they but a million or so pirates standing naked before several billion humans? And with every passing second, more and more pairs of those billions of eyes are turning upon them.

In addition to the Awareness Effect, there are five specific scenarios that, from my perspective, offer some hope. I’ll list them in order from what I consider the least feasible to the most feasible…

1 – Some sort of quantum leap/ascension: The concept of a big metaphysical event that comes along to save the day (in effect, a “savior event” rather than a savior being) has been greatly discredited in my mind, and it continues to fade in my thinking. And looking back at who was pushing the ascension narrative over the past few decades, I find it was all the wrong people. But I don’t yet choose to completely rule it out.

One thing I have noticed for myself is that the Sun now looks white, and it used to look yellow when I was younger. If it is white because it’s burning hotter (vibrating at a higher rate), then is it possible that those increasing vibrations could push us to some transition point that changes how matter organizes? I’ve seen the Cymatics experiments in which sand changes geometrical shape due to variations in sound vibrations…

…so I guess such a transition lies within the realm of possibility. Plus, I just don’t like to live in a state of mind that rules out miracles. Miracles, however, are nothing to be counted upon.

Additionally, here are two questions that could wreck the whole thing: What if the only reason the Sun looks white is because all of the chemcrap in the air is filtering out the yellow? And can all the metal chemtrail particles in the air be used in conjunction with the global HAARP network to create some kind of artificial energetic change?

2 – The surrender of our adversaries: Although they are a bit light in the heart department, our adversaries are conscious beings, and as such, they are fundamentally capable of adaptation. And whether they realize it yet or not, their collective survival depends upon a successful transition from parasite to symbiote. For if there is any idea that springs forth from my core and rings as absolute truth, it is this warning to them that came to me Saturday…


As far as I’m concerned, they are forgiven and loved. And if they can break their pattern of destructive behavior, they’re more than welcome to come along with us. A free humanity can take them places they would never be able to go on their own.

3 – A hundredth-monkey leap in human understanding: I currently accept the idea that all human beings are psychically connected in a peer-to-peer collective consciousness network. And through that connection, our thoughts and emotions can leak into the minds and hearts of others (even though the link seems weak and most of us choose to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist). If such a connection is real, can this psychic intranet be used to send an accessible understanding to all human beings simultaneously? And if so, how many people must hold this understanding, and how intensely?

Although hoping for such a leap of understanding seems a bit fanciful, it still appears to be within the ballpark of feasibility. And if there is one thing I’ve heard from readers lately, it is this: “your writings reflect what I’ve been thinking about recently.” So from my perspective, we are in the process of having some kind of collective realization about things right now. Whether this is the leading edge of the one big leap or just another step towards it, I don’t know.

4 – An Event counterattack: If the Cabal opts for the Big Event approach to launch their new system (instead of the current incremental frog-boiling approach), they will be spreading around cash and going on a massive charm offensive. This will present us with an opportunity to turn the tables against them. We can use their New World cash to kick-start and turbocharge our own efforts to build strong local communities that grow their own food, collect their own water, produce their own power, tend to their own health, and have their own local currency that is free of centralized control. If the “benevolent” New World Order then tries to stop us, the Event-awakened public will see them for the liars they are.

5 – A progressive disengagement from their systems with a concomitant community building effort: I wrote a basic outline of this approach in my OPPT article…

“I feel led to progressively disengage myself from all of the Cabal’s systems of control, including…

> their political system,
> their economic system,
> their legal systems,
> their religious systems, and
> their media systems.

How do I do this? Well, I imagine that if I set forth the intent to do so, I’ll start noticing opportunities to take one simple step, then another, then another, until I find that I’m completely free of their control. I figure I don’t need to design a grand strategy to do it; I just need to follow internal guidance as it shows me each little gap in the containment wall into which I can move forward.

The way I see it, our eventual escape from Cabal control will be like a pent-up mass of water escaping from a cracked dam…

…There is no need for the water molecules to conspire and map out their escape; each of them needs only flow into the closest crack, and as their siblings follow them in, the resulting pressure will expand the cracks until the whole thing comes crashing down. It’s just a matter of time and gravity.”

I see this as the most realistic approach to breaking free of them, since doing it requires no big catalytic event, either physical or spiritual. They got us into the mess we’re in in a gradual, incremental way, so it stands to reason that a gradual, incremental exit should work. They’ll fight us every inch of the way, of course, but consciousness always finds a way around any obstacle.

All this being said, that is why I see hope for humanity’s future. But it is a future that requires these…

…So you might want to pick up a pair. Cotton candy and Kool Aid just ain’t gonna cut it.

In closing, I was recently contacted by a reader who is a whistleblower, and she told me of the persecution she’s facing for her choice to come forward. I responded by reminding her that we live in an upside-down world — a world where selling out is rewarded and standing up is punished — and walking an authentic path of truth and service in such a world can be painful. I also shared with her what another reader had told me about how she deals with the pain of being true to her path: “I sit in it until it doesn’t hurt anymore.” So if I were to extract a lesson about the consequences of following your heart and heeding your intuition from their experiences and my own, it would be as follows…

This is gonna hurt. Don’t resist the pain. Don’t run from it. And don’t complain that it’s unfair. Fair or not, IT IS. Embrace it. Realize that you are an invincible spark of God and let the pain flow through you. Over time, you’ll grow so strong that it won’t hurt anymore.

We, the seeming few who stand against the seemingly invincible foe, are the reeds that stand against the hurricane. It will blow us to and fro, but our roots reach deep into the Earth. And when the storm has finally spent all of its energy, it will be gone and we will be left standing. The Sun will surely shine again upon us.

And so it is.

With love….

In Rapport We Thrive